Jamie Oliver…again

I finally got to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night.  It was interesting enough, but I felt like it was a little staged…the whole idea of the DJ being against him, making the bet, acting like he wouldn’t win the bet.  A little bit of BS, I think.  After all, Jamie Oliver is famous.  It’s a little absurd to think that he would have to BEG people to come to his kitchen for a free cooking lesson.  Yeah, right!  This whole scheme did not hurt that DJ’s publicity one bit. (I mean c’mon…GMA showed up at the end!)  I think he was on board the whole time, and just agreed to play the part of cynic who becomes enlightened.

I have to admit that when they started to do the whole dance routine thing with the college students, I just thought it was a little ridiculous, but in the end it looked pretty entertaining…so that was probably a good thing.

Then there was a second episode on right after the first.  That was the one that I really wanted to see, because that one was about the school lunches.  Even though there still seemed to be a lot of staging going on, this episode seemed more realistic.  It was good to see them trying to resolve the whole problem with the flavored milk.  (Doesn’t it just make you want to scream that some a$$hole in government has decided that schools HAVE to give the choice of flavored milk because there “should be variety”…GIMME A BREAK!  Can you say “sugar lobbyist”?).

It was also good in the end, that there might actually be a change in that school’s lunch program.  Too bad it has to take a national reality TV show and a GD camera in people’s faces for them to decide to make an ethical change!  But if that’s the way it’s going to get done, then I guess that it’s good that someone has stepped up to do it.  So…Good for Jamie Oliver for trying to do what he thinks is right.

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