The Lunches of Yesteryear

When the boys were younger, I used to make the most excellent lunches to send to school with them.  I even had a lunch lady come up to me in public once, out of the blue, and just gush over what great lunches I sent in!  (Ah, such a glorious moment in life)*.  Mostly the meals were leftovers of dinner, but heck, that’s pretty good when you compare it to a boring sandwich!

Unfortunately, boys turn into teenagers, and thus ends the era of leftovers.  The only leftovers now, are the things they didn’t want to eat the first time around.  Actually, that’s quite a lot of leftovers (opinionated kids), but since they have to make their own lunches nowadays, there’s no chance in h-e-double toothpicks, that they are going to put that in their lunch (really opinionated kids).  You should see the lunches now.  It’s really pathetic.  Pretty much every day it’s the same thing…a cheese or PB sandwich, carrots or corn, and whatever snack thing they can scrounge out of the cupboard.  (What did I tell ya? Pathetic!)  Didn’t I teach you better?  Oh the years I’ve wasted!

The whole reason I had them start making their own lunches was so they would start appreciating the difficulties of throwing together a decent lunch at 6:00 in the morning.  Somehow, I don’t think they’ve gotten the point.  Too bad for them, ’cause I’m a big sucker who would probably start making the lunches for them again if there was enough gushing.  (Try using those mouths for something other than eating!  You might be surprised what happens!)  They probably won’t even bother trying, ’cause it just ain’t cool to bring a decent lunch to school anyway, is it?  They think I don’t know.  They don’t realize that I did not bring a lunch to school, all the way through junior and senior high school, just because it was not at all cool.  So I doooo know. 

*Incidentally, my glorious moment was destroyed the next year, when a different (and crochety old) lunch lady thought it was her duty (Nosey b*****) to inform me that just because I send in all those nice vegetables, it doesn’t mean the kids eat them.  I just gave her a look that said, “duh, do I look stupid?”  At least I TRY, you &%$@&!  And nice attitude, BTW!  Way to encourage parents to feed their kids proper nutrition!  But then, I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that, since you think that serving up mozzarella sticks as an entree is healthy!  (OH! That reminds me…I gotta watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution tonight…I keep forgetting).

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2 Responses to The Lunches of Yesteryear

  1. Laura says:

    I used to send lunches, but thankfully they have made our lunches healthier at school. I send fruit for snack though and thank goodness my daughter eats it. Except for that one time her banana got smushed by 100lb books all over the bottom of her backpack – gross!

    FYI – I didn’t get this post either and then a few others. I will be better at letting you know, but usually if i comment on 3 in one day that means that i didn’t get it in my email cause I always read email 1st.

    • admin says:

      They formed some kind of Wellness commitee at our schools a few years ago. I think they managed to get the soda machines out of the schools, and get some kind of exercise trail built. But I don’t think they’ve touched the issue of school lunches. My boys say pizza is an option everyday. I let them buy it once a week. Thank goodness, they don’t resist bringing lunches…mostly because of long lunch lines.
      I really appreciate you letting me know about my posts not showing up! My theory is that they aren’t going through when I pre-write them and schedule a future publishing time.

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