Dog Bite!

Older son’s leg was bitten by a dog while he was doing his paper route yesterday.  German Shepard.  Yep…scary S***!  We were not even home when it happened.  Thank goodness, our neighbor was home, and so was grandma who lives down the road.  Older son was pretty shaken up by the event, but the physical damage was not too bad.   

(I had a picture of the wound here, but I removed it per request of older son. He said it was too gross.  And apparently his guidance counselor thought so too.  Don’t know why my son was showing this blog to the guidance counselor, but whatever.  I just thought he could get more sympathy with that picture.) 

We didn’t have to take him for stitches, and he didn’t even need pain medication.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for him (geesh, just try to swear something off and see what happens!)

MIL just had to relay to me that these things happen in threes, so watch out.  Gee thanks.  Always appreciate the doomsday reports.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated (unless of course the third one is fatal to me).

So……….I guess I should have forwarded that damn email last week 😉  Oh the drama, drama, drama…how would we ever live without the drama!

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2 Responses to Dog Bite!

  1. Laura says:

    OMG why did the dog do that? Did you tell the owner’s of the dog cause you should so they can keep him inside.

    I was attacked by a dog when I was 8 on my way to school and it was the scariest thing ever. I had to get a large shot and he was put to sleep!

    • admin says:

      Two separate visits to the owner’s to verify the rabies certificate. They used to keep that dog out on a “leash” in the front yard. He would bark at me and my dad every day when we walked by. The owner’s said they recently got a fence around the back yard and have been keeping him there, BUT the adult (apparently REALLY stupid) son was supposed to be letting the dog into the house and thought he would make a little side trip to his truck, with the dog off the leash! Now, I walk my dogs off leash a lot in our neighborhood, BUT I would be very hesitant to do that if they showed ANY kind of nasty behavior (like vicious barking or chasing…which that German shepard has chased us twice when he got off the leash before).
      It is such a scary thing to have a vicious dog come after you! Are you scared of dogs now?

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