Jamie Oliver

I finished following another menu…woohoo!  This one I took a lot of dinner recipes out of Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie’s Dinners” and converted them to vegetarian fare.  I really wanted to like his recipes because I am totally excited about his idea to make school lunches healthier (because I’m just not convinced that mozzarella sticks should be a healthy entree).  In the end, I tried about six of the recipes.  They were okay, taste wise, but nothing to really tempt me to use them again, particularly because there was so much futzing around.  It seemed like he was trying to make this a family friendly book, but I found it too time consuming.  If you have time and love to cook, this book might be for you.  And if you are a carnivore, these recipes might work out better.  So, don’t be put off by the couple of negative things…it’s quite possible that this would make a fabulous book for someone else.  After all, he’s very popular (he is The Naked Chef).  And I really hope he succeeds with the Food Revolution idea!

Just in case you want to try out one of his books:






I’ll post the menu in a separate post (maybe tomorrow), in case anyone’s interested.  My next menu is already written and it features several recipes by the Gothic Homemaker:  http://thegothichomemaker.blogspot.com/ …stay tuned for my results! 

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2 Responses to Jamie Oliver

  1. Secret Mommy says:

    I also like his theories about feeding children, but have never checked out his recipies before. I’ll have to do it! On the other hand, I’m always annoyed by chefs and recipies that seem to have unnecessary steps and busy work. I have a few fave Martha Stewart recipies that I’ve modified to the point of actually making them \easy\ to make and still delicious! 🙂

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