Update on the arm surgery

http://www.homemakerspensieve.com/2010/04/02/broken-arm/  Surgery went fine.  He’s doing fine.   He hasn’t even asked for pain medicine since he got home, even though he says it hurts!  Geesh, he’s tough!  Never expected that from him…I’ve hardly ever seen him injured so I didn’t realize how he would react.  I’m glad to know that he doesn’t have the tendency to overuse drugs!

The surgeon said that the handle on the wooden screwdriver broke during surgery!  They thoroughly cleaned him up, but she prescribed an antibiotic just in case (not that I’m thrilled with that, but I’d rather be cautious on this one).  But can you imagine?  What kind of flimsy tools are these guys using?  I was pretty surprised that she even told us, cause I know a lot of places would probably just cover up that little problem.

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