Am I hallucinating?

Is it possible that I was the one who broke an arm last week? ( )  And now I’m in the hospital?  And they’ve got me on some hallucinatory drug?  Because I’ve been living in some kind of alternate reality ever since that day!  There is an unreal amount of helpfulness and cooperation around here by certain people who shall not be named (ha! older boy…see, no names 😉 ).  I have to say I really love it when he shows this side of himself…very unselfish and mature!  It’s surprising that he claims he doesn’t want to be a teacher, because he is such a natural at it…and he seems like he is enjoying himself when he’s teaching something to somebody!  Oh well, I’ll stop embarassing him now.  And hopefully he won’t make me withdraw this post, ’cause it’s nice for a mom to have some bragging rights, right?

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2 Responses to Am I hallucinating?

  1. Laura says:

    I love it when kids go above and beyond. Makes me feel like I am doing my job.

    This post didn’t come through email yesterday.

    • admin says:

      Me too! I categorize those days as “Good Mommy” days!

      (That’s odd the post didn’t come through…can you let me know if it happens again? Thanks for letting me know.)

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