Give it a REST!

This morning as I was driving along in a decent frame of mind, listening calmly to the radio, the radio DJ felt the need to disturb all of that!  Some people just like to cause trouble!  She announced how many days were left until Christmas.  Are ya sh***** me?  What the bleep is up with that!?  If I could’ve reached through the radio and grabbed that girl, I would’ve shaken her until her teeny tiny brains fell out!  And then I would’ve stomped on those teeny tiny brains that contained the urge to annoy the living bleep out of other people!  I know I’m overreacting here, but I know I’m not the only one who is deeply perturbed by the ever-growing Christmas (shopping) season!

And along those lines…the ever-growing season of school shopping!  One year not to long ago, maybe 3 years , I saw a billboard for “back-to-school shopping” the day after school let out for summer break!

All I’m sayin’ here, is that maybe these people (bloodsucking money mongers) should give it a rest before someone really goes ballistic on them.  (Don’t worry, it won’t be me…venting here works good enough for me…so thanks again for letting me vent).

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2 Responses to Give it a REST!

  1. Laura says:

    That is insanity! Last June Target had their school supply aisles ready and I just about lost it!

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