Easter waist!

Waste? or Waist?  That seems to be the eternal question after each and every holiday.  Should we let that go to waste?  Or should we let it go to waist?  Even though people might be trying to be generous by saying “YOU take home that pie”, when you try to refuse it, they add something like “but if you don’t take it, I’ll just eat it and that’s just bad”. 

I feel a little guilty about this, but I feel the need to gripe about it.  Why is it okay for us to eat it as opposed to them?  We struggle with weight as much as the next person!  People seem to just assume that just because there are three full grown males in my house, that they somehow are immune from the effects of too many calories, too much fat, and too much sugar.  I really worry about my children (in particular) getting diabetes.  Juvenile diabetes has been on the rise and obesity in children is epidemic nowadays.  Is it really fair to think that just because they are teenagers that their metabolism can just override all the effects of bad eating?

So much of it is completely unnecessary.  Why do we need to have four different desserts at holiday dinners.  Three will be left over…and inevitably hoisted upon us, because WE will eat it.  Exactly!  If you really want to be kind to those you love,  don’t buy the pie…and give them the money instead!  Just think how nice it would be if someone else cared enough about YOUR health to refrain from showering you with treats and temptations of things that you struggle with!  On the flip side, how bad would you feel if one of the people that you shower with sugary treats, became diabetic?

On a familiar note, let’s stop sending all our leftover junk food to work to hoist off on our co-workers, who are probably struggling with their own diet issues.  Let’s just not buy it in the first place!  Give that money to a worthy cause to feed the poor!  Just think how good you would feel!

Sorry for the lecture!  And thanks for letting me vent.

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