Clean out the medicine cabinet!

Since it’s Spring Cleaning time, now is a great time to clean out the medicine cabinet! That was part of my bathroom closet cleaning, because we actually use a big plastic drawer for the medicine, instead of a cabinet.  ( )  Lately, we haven’t even been able to close it.  So, I did clean it out.  But I didn’t know what to do with all the outdated medicine, because now we’re being told not to flush it (which makes sense).  So, of course, I went in search of an answer.  I found two answers that interested me. 

Several sites mentioned that you could donate them to certain charities and that those charities take them to 3rd world coutries and make use of them there.  Sounded all good, but then I found a site that said, that it was actually illegal for charities to do that ( …his office (doctor) had been donating old medicine samples to a charity only to find out that the charity had to just discard them.  The charity didn’t want to make him feel bad, so they didn’t tell him.  So, if you’re thinking of donating your old medicines, I’d investigate that if I were you.

So, the other suggestion was to call pharmacies, because some of them will take the medicine off your hands.  Well, I called 4 or 5 of the local pharmacies and none of them do this.  I was referred to a pharmacy in a neighboring city that had a certain day once a year when they took back old medicines.  I got lucky on that one because the date turned out to be in just a couple of weeks.  Otherwise, I would have had to wait another whole year. 

So, now’s the time, everyone!  Clean out those meds!  I suspect they do it at this time of year because everyone’s spring cleaning.  And isn’t Earth Day soon?  They probably want to promote a greener way to dispose of all those drugs. 

P.S.   It was a Kinney Drugstore, but call around because it’s not the whole chain of stores doing it.

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