Razors, and razors, and shave cream, oh my!

Yesterday I started the arduous task of cleaning out the bathroom closet.  I have been telling myself I will do it for over a year now, so you can imagine what it looked like.  But if you can’t, here are two pictures (that don’t do justice to the reality, BTW):

So the real story isn’t that I started to clean the closet …(well maybe it is…) but that I needed to tell somebody about the treasure of razors and shaving cream that I discovered there!  I should have a contest to see who can guess how many razors I found, but I don’t have enough readers yet and my son would probably blurt out the answer, anyway.  So, since the real reason is that I can’t contain myself, I’ll just tell you now…there were 92 disposable razors in the closet!  Did you hear that??!!  92!!!!!  And that does not even account for the 2 in the medicine cabinet, 7 in the shower, 1 in older boy’s room, and at least one in the travel pack DH takes to work!  Maybe over 100 razors would seem reasonable in an institutional environment (hmmmmm) where they are probably required to dispose of them after each use, but let me enlighten you as to the circumstances of this household.  There are four people living here:  One female, who happens to be me, probably only shaves legs once a week in the winter, and has taken to waxing in the summer;  Two teenage boys, who have just recently started shaving and don’t really see the need to do it often;  And one full grown man, who, incidentally, wears a beard for at least 6 months of the year!  Oh, and did I mention…we don’t throw those suckers out after one use (duh).  They get used till you can barely see the blade!  And another thing…11 bottles of shave cream/gel…eeee-leh-ven.  (I don’t even use shave cream/gel…I use hair conditioner!)

I’m thinkin’ Samson resides in the house, but Delilah took over the bathroom closet!  And she wants to come out of the closet!  I’m thinkin’ I might be justified in asking the DH to shed the beard early this year!   I’m thinkin’ somebody should be using that Math degree and figuring out how long it would take us to use all those razors and cans of shaving cream/gel!

So, here’s a very anti-climatic way to end the post:  a picture of the part of the closet that got cleaned (whoopy-te-doo, as my gram would say):

Oh, and a post-script apology to my neighbors who “benefited” from the purge!  Sorry.  Don’t hate me.  And please don’t bring me your purged toys as retribution!

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2 Responses to Razors, and razors, and shave cream, oh my!

  1. Laura says:

    92? No Way! That is insane and funny!

  2. admin says:

    Yeah. Can’t wait to get into that basement and find out what hidden “treasures” are there! I bet you’re waiting on pins and needles for that report! 😉

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