Stop the sag…

Has anyone seen this:

I’m not sure this is the most important thing that this politician could be focused on, but maybe in the end it’ll help improve society just a little.  

Anyway, I just thought I’d share a funny blip with you regarding how foolish these kids (and sometimes supposedly adults) look.  A few years ago, we were visiting a beach in Indiana.  There was a teen-aged kid there, wearing his pants (I kid you not) at his knees.  He looked absolutely Ri-friggin-diculous!  He “walked” like a duck, obviously struggling with the monstrous feat of keeping his pants up while still looking “totally cool…(dude)”.  Well, let me say, I was just soooooo happy to be the witness to his ultimate demise of falling down!  Now, I should apologize here for what I did.  I laughed out loud.  I know it is politically incorrect and morally wrong to laugh at the mentally disabled, but…well…what can I say…SOMEBODY had to do it!  Somebody had to let that kid know that he really didn’t look so cool anymore.  Somebody had to help that kid see the light.  DUDE!  C’MON!  Besides, I just couldn’t help it!  Maybe I’m going to hell for it…but I bet a lot of people (who shall not be named here) will probably be joining me!

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4 Responses to Stop the sag…

  1. Laura says:

    There are going to be a lot of really cool and fun people in Hell. I will see you there!

    First i just want to say Thank You for commenting on my blog. I actually just realized that I have 2 JB’s commenting and I thought you were her!!!

    I am now a subscriber and thank you for having the subscriber box on your site. I like getting posts in emails, then they don’t get lost in my reader.

    I loathe those kids and their shorts and pants. WHY do they do it??? I realize that I have my girls buy one size bigger on tops so they can grow into them, but never on the pants!

    Can you just see it? One mom is trying to save money and bought pants way too big for her kid and they kept falling off and it started a trend!!! Ha!!!

  2. Secret Mommy says:

    Ha! I’d have laughed, too! That’s awesome. I know that fashion trends are a fickle and foolish sort of thing, but I often wonder how this one ever started and why it’s lasted so long. Surely these boys are looking for some new trend that would enable them to “look cool” without being so handcuffed. (Or leg-cuffed as it were.)

    • admin says:

      It must be the hormones have them all bamboozled (ha! that’s a funny word…I know, I know…I’m a dork!)

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