Favorite Yoga Instructor

I really like the way Sara Ivanoe teaches yoga.  She has a much gentler attitude than a lot of other teachers on DVDs.  I love that she does not assume that you already know ANYTHING about doing yoga, but at the same time she gives ideas on how to make the workout more (or less) challenging as your skill level dictates.  She also does not assume that everyone has a lot of time to do yoga everyday.  She has several workouts that are just 20 minutes.  The most recent DVD I bought has six different routines on it. ( http://astore.amazon.com/homemspensi-20/detail/B000Z4KN1W ) It’s great that she has quite a lot of variety, since I get bored very easily.

Unfortunately, my favorite workout that she teaches is not on DVD…it is on Fit TV.  But she does have a lot of other workouts that I like.  So get out your yoga mats, put on your yoga pants, and take off your shoes…and BREATHE!  Trust me, you’ll feel great after doing one of her workouts!

P.S. Check out my Amazon store to see all the DVDs she has out: http://astore.amazon.com/homemspensi-20

Oh…and this is not a paid review.

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