Menus…blah.  I H-A-T-E doing them!  The health “gurus” are always telling us to plan a menu.  “You’re more likely to stick to your diet plan”.  “Fail to plan, plan to fail”…blahbiddyblahblahblah.  I wish they would SHUT…….UP!  Do they think we don’t already know these things?  Geez, if they are so dang smart, why don’t they come up with a genius way to write that menu with about 5 minutes a week!  Writing a menu is not as easy as it sounds.  There is an assumption that if you WRITE a menu, you will actually be using the menu, which would lead you to conclude that you have to make a corresponding shopping list.  So once you write a menu, now you have to go through each item on the menu, to see what ingredients you need and whether you already have it or need to place it on a shopping list.  This is the really time consuming part!  And annoying!  AND inevitably, you will forget that pancakes are going to require syrup!

So, anyway, now knowing how much I hate writing a menu, you’ll understand what an accomplishment it is that I actually wrote one for this week!  SCORE!  That’s a point for “good mommy” today! 

Another thing those experts like to tell you, is that once you’ve made a few weeks’ worth of menus, you can just rotate them…”easy peasy”.  Again, shut it!  Notice that these are the same people who have full time personal chefs.  Shut it! Shut it! Shut it!  I guess they don’t EVER have to change the menu, because little Johnny decided he no longer likes oatmeal, or because there’s a shortage of pumpkin (I’m not kidding, haven’t seen canned pumpkin in months!), or because everybody hated that new recipe you tried, or because you can’t FIND your favorite recipe (the dog probably chewed it up), or because you are just so danged darn sick of the same kid-friendly food all the time!  So, there you have it!  Maybe I am the only one, but I find making a menu extremely daunting and therefore I have only succeeded in having a few decent ones over the many years that I have been cooking for a family.

So, somebody…pleeeeeeeease congratulate me on this major accomplishment!

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2 Responses to Menus

  1. Vicki says:

    I agree….it takes forever. I wonder how long those “30-minute meals” take if you factor in all the planning?

  2. admin says:

    Not to mention all their “magic television” techniques. You know…”oh and here’s one already done for you to see”.

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