The end of winter is coming!

Good News!  Winter is almost over!  How am I privy to such information?  Was it Phil?  Was it the weatherman?  Was it the Farmer’s Almanac?  Was it the calender? Nope, nope, nope, and nope.  I looked into the hot chocolate can!  It’s a little like reading tea leaves 😉  Quantity is the main tip-off here.  It’s almost gone.  And as any sane person would know…you cannot continue to live with winter weather without an adequate supply of hot chocolate!  Thus, the conclusion…winter is almost over.  I estimate maybe one more good dumping of snow which will melt quickly (most likely the next day, which will probably be a 67 degree day!) 

 Check it out:

The proof is in the pudding hot chocolate!

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