Parking ticket appeal denied!

When I was visiting my sister, there was a snowstorm.  Apparently, there was a parking ban on the streets.  I say apparently, because the only way we found out was because a friend of hers called to tell us.  There was no public announcement.  You’d think they would post it up there with school and business closings.  At one point, they came through the streets announcing it through a loud speaker…hardly adequate.

At any rate, we drove our cars over to the municipal lot to park.  Again, nowhere was there any indication of where people should park during the parking ban.  My sister only learned this through friends.  Unfortunately, there were no real spots left in the lot.  So, my sister showed me a spot that she has been able to park in without any problems before.  (As a side note, during the time that we were looking for a spot, we saw a CITY car parking in a spot that was not really a spot…hmm).  Well, I got a parking ticket.  I appealed it, because…how are people supposed to know where to park?  It doesn’t seem right, under those circumstances that a ticket should be given out to anyone! 

Well, they denied my appeal.  I’m thinking I should have ignored it, because now I’ve just called attention to the ticket…and how many other people would have bothered to pay it?!  Well, I’m sure I’ll pay the damn thing…cause I’m a goody-two-shoes…that’s why.  But I ain’t pleased about it!  (Ooooh…them is fightin’ words).

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