I now have two subdomains on this blog. 

One of them is for older boy.  He wants to share his growing knowledge of computers with some tutorials.  I think (but am not totally sure) that he is targeting beginners for these tutorials, but you should check out the site if you want to know for sure.  I think his first tutorial is about how to watch TV on your computer (shocking, I know, that a teenager would know how to do that 😉  Here’s the address:

The other subdomain would probably bore the snot of you, but if you care to join in the torture, I’m going to try to use it to keep track of my exercise and eating…YAWN!

I’ll also add them to my blogroll so you can find them in the right sidebar any time.

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2 Responses to Subdomains

  1. You're Weird says:

    The school blocked it says its R-Rated!!!! that is the web site that the tutorial uses!!

    • admin says:

      Good! Have you read my blog post on censoring and restrictions? Glad to see there is some protection…especially at the school!

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