Have Mercy!

This morning was the last game of younger son’s basketball season.  It is a community basketball program that he has participated in since he was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade (he’s in 9th now).  This is one of the few times that my son has gotten to be on a team that is not losing all or most of the time.  So, I’m happy for him!  He appreciates it more, that’s for sure!

BUT…I still feel sorry for the other team who happened to take quite a beating today.  I just can’t believe that there isn’t some kind of mercy rule here.  I mean, c’mon, this ain’t the NBA we’re talking about here!  Couldn’t we teach our kids about NOT humiliating the other team?  Couldn’t we just suggest to them that it’s okay to take it easy on the other team if you are up by 20 points (in this case it was a 31 point lead at the half)?  Shouldn’t that be part of the lessons on good sportsmanship? 

Even though my son never took it too bad that he was always on the losing team in previous years, I’m sure he remembers what it was like to be getting trounced into the ground.  And when you are the parent on the sideline, watching your child’s team losing yet another game…it gives you an awful, sick feeling in your stomach.  I wasn’t even in that position today, and I felt sick for those kids on that other team.

I don’t understand how these coaches can’t see it.  Most of them seem like pretty decent guys (minus the politicking ones).  There even seems to be rules about equal playing times.  So, why, why, why isn’t there some guiding force in these coaches brains that say “Ya know, these are kids.  Maybe it would be okay to teach the winning team to take it easy on the other team.  Maybe it would be okay not to totally humiliate the other team”.

I’m not saying they have to lose, but I don’t think it would kill anyone to let the other team have a couple of baskets, when you are leading by 31 points!

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