Ahhhh…the joys of bathroom cleaning.  Today I thought it might be time to wash that hanging thing-a-ma-jig that hangs in the shower.  It has been many months since I bought it and it was getting a little on the grungy disgusting side!  Well, I had a little surprise when I pulled it out of the dryer.  Somehow it had taken on a new shape:

Well, after analyzing the situation, I discovered it was not unlike circumstances that I have dealt with before, namely the purchase of a feminine undergarment with an unwanted wire in it!  Thank goodness for these past experiences!  I would have been beside myself if I hadn’t had previous dealings with the underwire!  Anyway, the results of the procedure were very satisfactory!  As good as new used:

I wonder if I could put that on my resume?  Anyone need any de-wiring?  I’m pretty good with the pliers!

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