Should I feel guilty?

I consider it part of my job to do my DH’s laundry (because I’m the stay-at-homer), including putting it away after it’s folded.  There have been more than a few times when I have become agitated over the fact that the drawers are so crammed full of clothes that I cannot possibly shove another item in to them.  So sometimes I sort out the drawers and put the excess on a shelf in the basement.  Throughout the years, I’ve always felt a little twinge of guilt over doing this.  I guess it’s because there’s a little thought deep in my brain that I’m somehow choosing his clothes for him…forcing my will on him in a subversive manner.  BUT…my justification…if I have to be the one to put the clothes away, shouldn’t the drawer have space for them?  Why should this relatively simple task become such a big pain in the putootie with me trying to cram and shove clothes into a space that is already occupied?  Sometimes I just don’t put them away figuring maybe that would be a gentle signal that it’s time for the drawer to be cleaned out.  And sometimes I give up trying to even close the overflowing drawer.  Unfortunately, (sorry for the following sexist comment) my DH is a male, and therefore seems not to notice that the drawer cannot be closed because of the overflow.  So, I sort the drawer, and then, of course, he notices.  And I feel like I have to apologize…or…start an argument about the whole stupid molehill-into-mountain problem.

Prior to publication of this post, DH read it and said “I notice it’s too full”.  Well, then DH, should I feel guilty for sorting out the clothes because you don’t care if they are too crammed in the drawer?

Just another stupid thing I apparently worry about for no good reason…because he doesn’t care!  But he DID care that I didn’t spell putootie right in the first draft of this post!

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