Caprese sandwich

We ordered a sandwich like this when I was visiting my sister.  Yum!  I looked up the ingredients and bought them at the store today.  I used a flatbread (because the store was out of pita).  Sliced up some tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.  Drizzled some olive oil over them.  Put some fresh basil leaves on it.  (I bought a plant…can you believe the plant was the same price as buying a small tub of basil?!)  I threw some capers on for good measure.

Ha!  How funny is it?  My sister just called (about something else) and she also went out and bought the stuff to make these sandwiches tonight!

So, anyway…I liked the sandwich.  DH said he liked it.  Older son picked out the capers and ate the rest.  Maybe he liked it.  I was surprised that he didn’t pick out the tomatoes, since he claims to hate them.  Younger son DID pick out the tomatoes.  I think he thought the sandwich was gross.  Too bad for him. 

Oh, and the car smelled like basil, and then the kitchen smelled like basil.  Mmm-mmm!


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