Update on one of the pups

From Logan’s (human) mom:

Logan is doing real good, he’s such a love. he’s acquired two new friends; I found a ccalico kitty under my boyfriends car @ work and tried to catch it but it ran in the back of the building. I told Corky about it and noted that there was probably a litter living in the back of the trucks. Two days later he came home with a box in his hands and there was my little girl. Her name is Molly and she weighed 1 1/2 lbs when we took her to the vet immediately. Of course we had to de-worm her.

Then, an unfortunate young lady we know is going through a divorce, she has to move and cannot take her dog with her. So, we were given a Bouvier des Flandres, 5 months old. Logan and him play so good together. I wanted another lab, always wanted a yellow but i believe that things happen for a reason but I love my babies, all 3 of them, and couldn’t be happier. I will always have animals in my life! So all is well.

Logan however will still not jump up into the truck, for some reason I believe the height may intimidate him. Perhaps the new puppy will show him how cause I’m tired of picking his big ass up! He’s a wonderful dog and I’m happy I have him.


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