YAAWWWWWWN!  Could that opening ceremony have been more boring?!  I mean, c’mon!  I know they had a tough bill to fill because of how China did…but they could have at least tried for runner up!  Just because the competition is too hard to beat, does that mean you shouldn’t even try?

Forgive me, I’m being too harsh.  My sister said it seemed to get a little better after I gave up on it.  She also thought they all must’ve been smoking some happy stuff while they were coming up with that program!  Maybe they should’ve shared the happy stuff so that everyone else would get whatever message they were trying to convey!

And one more thing,  in the hours before the events last night, did they bother to air anything related to the olympics where anybody else is? ‘Cause here, they aired a one hour infomercial that was clearly made in the 80’s, trying to sell a musical compilation of 60’s music!  What’s up with that?  I ask you…is that good usage of media time?  Duh!  Didn’t they use to air olympic events all day, every day during the olympics?   They could have at least aired something that people would wanna watch!  An old infomercial????  Really?????

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