Flying Ice

Yesterday, when I was driving on the highway, I got stuck behind a truck that had ice flying off the top of it.  These were not little pieces of ice.  I tried to hang back , but the guy behind me felt the need to tailgate me.  So, I pulled into the other lane, thinking the stupid tailgater would get off my butt.  The tailgater followed me into the other lane.  I did not dare to try to pass the truck since there was a steady stream of ice chunks whizzing at my windshield.  So I suffered with the tailgater.  Well, then the trucker decided he needed to be directly in front of me, so he pulled into the lane in front of me, shedding a huge sheet of ice as he moved over.  So I went back to the other lane.  The tailgater followed me!  Dang chicken!  He was hiding behind me!  Whatever happened to chivalry, dude?!  Get up there and take the ice on the windshield for me!  Eventually I sucked it up, revved that poor little engine up to 85 and passed that truck as fast as I could!  The tailgater followed me through, then promptly passed me as soon as we were out of danger!  You’re welcome, ya big chicken!

Anyway, haven’t trucks been on the road long enough in our history, that there would be some regulations concerning the flying ice?  I had someone tell me how flying ice had cracked her windshield.  She was lucky!  What if she had gotten in an accident because of that?  The truckers must know this is going on.  They can see it happening on other trucks and they can see a lot out of their own gigundo mirrors.  Makes ya wonder.  Hmmmm….

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