I am human!

So, last night I was reading something funny to myself and both of the boys asked me what I was laughing at.  I told them I was reading something funny.  They told me to stop laughing. 

Whenever I sing, they tell me to stop.  Whenever I dance, they tell me to stop.  It irks me.   That’s probably the real reason they do it, but my lastest theory is that they don’t want to see me as human, because then they would feel guilty for being mean to me, and then who would they take their teenage angst out on?

They think my theory is BS (bologna sandwiches?).  What do they know;)?  If they really want to know, it’d be smart for them to accept my theory as genius…that way I’d be more likely to forgive them for being snotty little brats to me!  (Not that they are ever mean to me…they’re perfect angels…OUCH…WHAT THE…I THINK I JUST GOT STRUCK BY LIGHTNING!)

What do you think of my theory?


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