All or None?

Where does our tendency come from to believe either absolutely everything a person says or absolutely nothing?  Why do we have to believe that a person is all good or all bad?  Is it a human tendency?  Is it cultural?  Do people think like that in other countries?

I am way more guilty of this than I like to admit (even to myself).  But I’m going to try to quit that!  I’m starting to realize that just because I believe so-and-so about certain aspects of health issues, doesn’t mean I have to believe everything so-and-so says.  After all, there is no way anyone could be right about everything.  Same thing with politics.  How is it that we get stuck in the frame of mind that so-and-so either can do nothing right or can do nothing wrong?  How can we ever expect anything to ever get done  if we can never give the other side the benefit of the doubt that maybe they are trying to do the right thing?

Do politicians really start out corrupted, or is it possible that maybe they started out wanting to do good and they became corrupted when they tried to fight the system.  Shouldn’t we try to appeal to whatever side of them started out with good intentions, instead of griping about all the things they do wrong?  Shouldn’t we try to remind them of what they know to be true down in their guts?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a big pansy when I realize that I’ve just been blindly believing something that someone says, just because they previously said something else that rang true with me.  It sucks to have to make up my own mind about something…it’s so much work!

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