Parenting Experts?

Sometimes I wonder how people can call themselves  parenting experts.  Even if you raised several kids successfully (which is a very subjective word), can you still claim to be an expert?  I might concede on those people that have 17 children, just because they deserve some kind of recognition (crazy), but I’m afraid that anyone else who tries to claim that title is just flat out a liar! 

Just  because you work with them, or study them, or babysit them, or teach them, or whatever, does not make you an expert.  You have to be raising them.   And each kid is different, so how could you be an expert?  I mean seriously, how many kids would you have to raise successfully in order to cover all the different personality types (which is just one factor in whether you are successful or not).

If your kids turned out all right, you probably just got lucky.  You may be or may have been the best parent in the world, but that still doesn’t make you an expert.  (Maybe Jo March could be considered an expert…you know, from Little Women…she grew up to run an orphanage.   Now, she raised a lot of kids.  Where is she when ya need her though?!)

I gripe about this because, how often have you gone looking for a little help, and what you run into are people who clearly have never tried their own “expert” advice.  If they were really such experts, wouldn’t they know that sometimes for a parent to continue being a “good” parent, what they really need is someone to commiserate with.  When I’m having trouble with my kid, the last thing I want to hear is how perfect someone else’s kids are…and all because of the perfect parenting skills that their parents are use.  ‘Cause it’s all a load of BS!  What I want to hear is how, how, how  the parent copes, not their supposed solution to the problem.  It’s insulting when “expert” parents assume that you haven’t tried good techniques.  Seriously!

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