Finally done knitting sweater!

Finally finished this sweater!  It has been the bane of my existence (not really…I just like to say that).  I had the entire sweater knit and it just looked all wrong.  So I ripped the entire thing out.  I cut all the yarn into pieces that would make this sweater stripe the way I wanted it to.  I had to rip out one more section near the beginning of the second time around.  Finally it came out right.  I’ve had a million ends to weave in (don’t look too closely on the inside).  Younger boy didn’t want it.  He doesn’t like the color and he doesn’t like the “knit” look.  Actually that turned out lucky for me because when older son said he would wear it (around the house) he said I didn’t need to bother putting a zipper or a hood on it.  Thank god for that!  I couldn’t be more sick of looking at that color!  I may have to avert my eyes when he’s wearing it!

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