Burning off some steam!

Literally!  I bought a stovetop steaming pot last week.  I was pretty excited to start using it.  But twice now I have burnt the pot!  I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous!  What’s that old saying about not being able to boil water!?  There are 3 pots, the top two with holes in the bottom.  The problem is that you can’t SEE when the bottom pot has run out of water!  (But ya sure can smell it!).

To make matters worse…after I looked up how to clean that burnt junk off the pot…boil vinegar and baking soda in it…I almost burnt the pot during THAT process!  (Just a tip…baking soda and vinegar seem to boil really fast!)

Is that pan cursed?  Anybody got any ideas on how to know if that pot is going to run dry before it does?

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