Hunter shot by dog!

I heard this story on NPR this morning.  This hunter set down his gun which his dog then stepped on and set the gun off!  The bullet (pellets?) hit and killed the hunter!  Apparently this is not the first time this kind of incident has happened.  So, does anybody think it’s just a little shocking that this guy did not put the safety on before he laid the gun down?  How is it, in this day of gun control contoversy, that a hunter would not practice safe gun usage?  I’m sure he probably believed he had a right to own a gun and to shoot it, so why would he not take measures to prove to the gun control proponents that gun users are handling their guns safely? This must make gun rights folks just cringe!

I’m just curious…if someone else had been the victim of the that gunshot, would that hunter have been held responsible…charged with negligence or something?

Geez, use your safety features, people!

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