Frozen front door

The last few days we have been unable to get out the front door.  The door is frozen shut.  We have experienced this in past years and the issue seemed pretty well under control by the use of a rolled up towel between the storm door and the main door.  This year we failed to have a big enough towel there.  So part of the morning was spent in search of the towel we had used before.  Then, I had to melt the ice that had built up under the door.  Despite all the lovely suggestions on the internet (such as peeing on it), I decided to melt the ice with a hair dryer.  (So, like many other people, I spent a portion of my Sunday morning on my knees!  Do I score any points with anyone for that?)

Even with the bigger towel now in place there still seemed to be too much of a draft.  I looked for weatherstripping in the basement, but DH’s organization of the tool room is beyond my grasp.  So I made a makeshift weatherstrip out of duct tape. What would we ever do without duct tape!  But then there was still a hole because a little chunk of wood had broken off the whatchamacallit…between the two doors.  I fixed that by stuffing some styrofoam down in the hole and taping it with duct tape.  But I had to go outside for like 5 seconds to trim the styrofoam.  It was like 5 seconds…I thought I could get away with not putting more clothes on and combing my hair, but NOOOOOO…that had to be the very time that DH and his buddy decide to come home and catch me looking like I had just rolled out of bed!  And that’s not really a cute look for me.  And you thought the bathrobe dude was bad!

So, anyway, here’s a lovely picture, not of my “just rolled out of bed look”, but of my genius makeshift solution to the frozen door problem…as if anybody cares. 

Sorry for the boring post.  Yawn.


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