That's sick!

Have you seen the media attention on Nancy Kerrigan’s father?  I try to avoid watching too much of this, but sometimes it just kind of happens.  I feel bad for this woman.  Probably we all do.  The media coverage of this makes me sick, though.  I understand that people want to extend their condolences to her, but the blip I saw a couple of days ago, was just disgusting.  The media had contacted Tonya Harding and she had expressed some kind of sympathy for Nancy’s tragedy.  Now, I ask you…what kind of mean-spirited person would drag Tonya Harding into this picture!?  What does she have to do with any of it?!  The incident that occured between those two women happened 16 years ago!  These two women have probably made their peace with what happened by now.  It’s just wrong that the media should dredge it all back up during a time like this!  Sick, sick, sick!  Whether or not there was forgiveness, what person would ever want a person who had wronged them to appear in their lives again at the time of personal tragedy.  It would be insulting!  And not to defend what Tonya Harding did, but when is the media ever going to let it go!?  I’m sure there is no way that an apology could ever make up for what she did, but is it fair to never let either party move on?  And if the media wants to claim that she volunteered her statements of sympathy…well, what else was she supposed to do?  If she didn’t say anything, they’d have made a big thing of THAT!  Meanwhile, it would surprise me if Nancy Kerrigan had wanted to hear anything from Tonya Harding anymore than Tonya Harding really would’ve wanted to be heard from.

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