How long have you lived here?

Excuse me while I rant!  How long does a person have to live in a house to know where something belongs?  I would give the guilty party the benefit of the doubt if that object had ever been located anywhere else in the last…let’s be nice and say year.  But the pot has been hanging from that hook for at least 5 years! (It’s really been 10…but who’s keeping score;) I don’t know which one of you is the guilty party but let me just say…maybe THIS is the reason I keep “forgetting” to shut the cupboard doors! So there!  Nah nah nah nah boo boo!  Sucks to be tall, don’t it?

This is officially the end of this childish rant.  Thank you for indulging.

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2 Responses to How long have you lived here?

  1. LauraK says:

    OK, at first I was going to say something really pithy like, “Really? That’s the END of the child rant?” Then I read closer and noticed the modifier “this” preceding rant. Whew! I was starting to worry that was the only irritating thing your kids do, lol. Funny stuff 🙂

    • Jb says:

      Hahahaha…I have to say, that is the first comment that has made me laugh out loud in a while! I’ll be chuckling over that for awhile!

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