Dehumidifier exploded!

Yikes!  What was that noise?!  When we went downstairs to investigate the noise, there was a whole lot of smoke coming from the sump pump area.  I unplugged it right away, but the smoke didn’t seem to slow down.  After looking further, we realized the dehumidifier had blown and it looked like it could catch fire any minute.  I unplugged it and took it outside.  Plugged the sump pump back in and the water level went down immediately.  Very strange.  I was wondering why the smoke alarm right above it did not go off.  Turns out there isn’t a battery in it!  We were apparently relying on that ridiculously expensive alarm that we bought 17 years ago…and is now out of commission.  Well, needless to say, there are batteries in the alarms now!

Scary!  What if I hadn’t been in the house?  There would have been a fire…I’m certain of that!  Would the boys have realized it in time to get out?  And if the dogs were home alone…how would they have gotten out?  It breaks my heart to think of what could’ve happened!  You can bet we’ll be talking about some fire safety plans right away!

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