A visit from pup's sister!

One of our puppies went to a home just a few doors down.  As nice as that is to have her so close, we still don’t get to see as much of her as we’d like.  A couple of days ago, my dogs were out in the back yard.  They started jumping on the door to come inside, so I let them in.  They entered in a mad rush to get to the front window.  I went to see what they were so excited about and saw Bonnie, Houdini’s sister, Sunny’s baby, out digging around in another neighbor’s front yard.  She’s never off leash without her owner around, so I ran out and called to her.  She came running to me and I let her into the backyard with Sunny and Houdini.  You’d think they hadn’t seen eachother in a hundred years!  (Of course, maybe it feels like that to a dog).  It was fun watching them wrestle around.  Managed to get a fleeting snapshot.

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