Does anyone else find this just a tad annoying?

So a few weeks ago, our school district sent out a newletter in which they stated that the budget is “facing a potential $5 million gap” for the next school year.  Now, I know that dealing with a budget can be a very complicated thing but doesn’t it just annoy the whooey out of you when you see any little bit of waste? 

There are two big ones that have irked me in the past.  The first one was when they built this “thing” on the front of at least two of the elementary schools.  This “thing”, I suppose, is a foyer of some sort.  What I can’t figure out is the function of it.  I understand the concept of having a double set of doors before there is admittance to the entrance of the school, but why in the world is this thing taller than the school building with no apparent function for the height except to waste more money, because for some reason I’m unaware of, they heat the thing!  Why??? 

The second thing I’ve noticed in my 10-11 years as a parent visiting the schools, is the temperature.  I can’t even count the number of times I have seen teachers who have had to open their windows in the middle of winter, because the heat is cranked up so high in the school that the rooms become unbearably hot!  And just as frequently I’ve seen teachers and students walking around inside the school on a beautiful day (outside) and they are absolutely shivering and piling on sweatshirts, because the air conditioning is set at such a cool temperature.  It always makes me wonder how much money they could save alone, just by adjusting the temperature in the school.  Am I being unreasonable here?

This morning we were at one of the schools for a basketball game and in the hallway I noticed a big flat screen TV on the wall.  Interesting.  I asked my son what it was for…envisioning that it was for some kind of security measure.  Nope.  It’s for announcements.  And there are several more around the school.  C’mon!  Seriously?  That seems absurd to me.  I mean, maybe it wasn’t a great expense, but really?  This is how our tax money is being spent?  Really?  How many other little wastes of money are going on right underneath our noses?  If I wanted my tax money to be wasted like that, I could’ve just spent it on a big screen TV for myself!  Maybe my kids would pay more attention to my announcements that way!

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