The Dog Story

We waited 13 years to get a dog.  We traveled a lot during the summers so we didn’t think it would be a good idea to have a dog.  Once the summer traveling slowed down, we decided it was time.  We thought we would get the kids a dog for Christmas.  Figuring it would take a while to find the right dog for us at a shelter, we started looking in early November.  We found Sunny very quickly.  We visited the shelter on Veteran’s day and found her there.   When we first saw her, we passed her by because she did not call any attention to herself.  I told my DH that I didn’t want a dog that didn’t seem interested in us.  After checking out a couple of other dogs, my DH called me back over to Sunny’s kennel.  He was sitting in the kennel with her and said I should give her a second look, because she was warming right up to him.  We took her out for a walk.  She was very calm and didn’t pull at all.  We ended up taking her home that day.  She was a great dog right from the start.  Always calm and walked with us perfectly often without needing a leash. 

Sunny wasn’t fixed when we got her.  So we called to get an appointment.  Just before the day of her appointment, we were starting to wonder if she might be pregnant.  I went away for Thanksgiving.  When I came back, there was no doubt in my mind that she was pregnant.  A couple of weeks later…7 adorable puppies appeared in our lives!  So after waiting 13 years to get one dog, we ended up with 8! 

We had a hands on crash course in raising puppies.  We raised them up to 9 weeks and found them all good homes, including the runt, who stayed in our (we like to believe) good home.  


So, now we have two dogs.  Love them to death! 


Raising puppies was a great experience!


Crazy mayhem ensued in our house for those 9 weeks, but I personally enjoyed every minute of it.


It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do to give those puppies up, but we felt good about the choices we made about who they would go to.

The puppy we kept is now over a year old and is way taller than her mom! 

She still has the most adorable face.  Her name is Houdini.  We always say she named herself, because she was always the first to escape the various enclosures we had for the 7 puppies.  And she still occasionally lives up to that name as she can now jump over the back fence when she feels enticed by the activities on the other side of the fence.  Last week we had to build up the fence around the compost pile, because she and Sunny had figured out that the packed down snow made it easy to jump that fence also!

Anyway, there will be other stories about the dogs…so keep your ears perked!

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4 Responses to The Dog Story

  1. Vicki says:

    Soooooo cute! The other one here hit squeaky pitches I haven’t heard in a while.

  2. admin says:

    Well be prepared for more squeaks from that kid, cause I got more where that came from. Give me a jolt once in a while if I go too long without posting some cute dog stuff.

  3. janet says:

    What a wonderful story! Love the pics & video. I’m just an old softy, brought tears to my eyes.

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