Clean the knife drawer!




You know you want to…go on…10 minutes tops!

I had to clear out a couple other half-used drawers to make this better.  One drawer used to be the drawer with plastic cling wrap, plastic baggies and aluminum foil.  I’ve been working pretty hard to phase these out of my life.  I’m down to just one box of sandwich bags…which will probably last forever since we hardly use them anyway.  The other drawer was similarly employed but with washed out ziplocs for re-use.  Let me tell you, even though it hasn’t been overly easy trying to switch away from plastic baggies, I will not miss washing out ziploc bags one teensy, tiny bit!  So those two drawers are now employed for some of the more misc. items that kept appearing in the knife drawer…like the lighter, candles, screwdriver , etc. and the newly acquired stick blender/chopper.  I’m sure it’s not as beautiful as Martha Stewart might’ve made it, but it is certainly better than it was!  Now the trick will be to remember where everything has been moved!  I’m sure I will hear groans about how mom is moving stuff around again, but hey, I live to drive my kids crazy, aye?

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2 Responses to Clean the knife drawer!

  1. Dan says:

    I want a follow up picture in two weeks to see how it’s going!

  2. admin says:

    I’ll write it on my calendar…”The Big Event”.
    I am taking no blame if it doesn’t work out…but I THINK we might be able to hold out for 2 weeks! Are ya gonna give me a reward if I can keep it up for 2 weeks?

    I think the shock value of it might hold us for a couple more days. Younger boy’s reaction was pretty funny the first time he opened that drawer after the cleanout. Ah…the simple things.

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