For all my complaints about the winter and the cold, look how beautiful!  And no matter how much I hate the cold, I love the fact that around here, we really do experience four very different seasons each year.  It doesn’t get boring!  And the nasty weather makes you appreciate the decent whether so much more!

The kind of snowfall we are having this morning has a cozy feel to it.  Makes you want to grab a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up with a blanket in that nice comfy chair by the picture window with a good book…

ah, but alas, there is work to be done:(

Maybe I’ll use this as a reward for getting some onerous task done today…hmmm, what shall it be?  Maybe shoveling the snow…that would certainly warrant at least the hot chocolate…the reading might have to wait.

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2 Responses to Snow…

  1. Mary says:

    Pretty picture! So did you earn a reward?

  2. admin says:

    Sort of! I shoveled three driveways, so by the time I got done I was a little too hot for hot chocolate. So I had some yummy tea (not hot) instead. Ever had The Republic of Tea? I’ve been trying out several of those teas…OMG…soooo delicious!

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