Anne of the Island

I’m currently reading Anne of the Island.  I love the TV/movie series, Anne of Green Gables.  Didn’t care for the sequel where she is married and searching for Gil in some kind of war setting.  I’ve only read the first in the series of books, so when I ran across quite a few of the books from the series at a yard sale, I snatched them up. 

I have to say I was pretty surprised at the chapter I read last night.  It was all about this stray cat that followed Anne home and would not leave her alone.  She and her roomate tried to kill the cat.  I realize that this is set in a very different time period where maybe animals were not seen as pets so much as we do today.  That wasn’t the thing that surprised me.  I just thought it seemed so out of character for Anne to be so callous, first of all about this animal that so obviously was needing her help, and more so about the matter-of-fact way they went about trying to kill the cat.  Is it me or does anyone else think that it was out of character?  Well, I guess it will certainly make it more interesting if there are other little twists in character as I read through the books…but I don’t think I like how it felt out of place in that book.

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