Creamy Red Pepper Soup

Here’s a unique tasting, and, I think, delicious soup.  Even my older teenage son said it was pretty good.  And that’s a high compliment coming from a picky soup hater.  Watch out for the calorie and fat count if you are concerned about those issues.  Good news on that front though…this soup is so rich that you don’t need much to fill you up.  I would even venture to say that a very small portion would make a very nice little appetizer. anchor-red-pepper

As for the ingredients and how it fares in the Food Wars                                                                                  (  )………..

It’s amazingly free of any controversy.  The only ingredient I’ve ever heard something about, was the thing about cooking with olive oil at high heats…and if you visit other parts of this site: you will eventually find amongst the plethora of useful information, a tip from her about adding a little water to the oil in the pan so that it keeps the temperature of the oil down.

The only dilemma left will be to see if my son likes it the second time I make it…sometimes he changes his mind.  The other two family members haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll try to remember to post their reactions.

Thanks to older son for helping me to post the picture!

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