Made the kids do yoga

Last night I made the boys do yoga with me.  It was kind of amusing.  As you can imagine, trying to get two teenage boys to do yoga, was mostly a session of self-conscious joking around. 

I made them do it because last Friday, older boy had to stay home from school with a back ache.  And this week, younger boy was home two and a half days because of a kink in the neck (and a headache).  Neither of these boys has ever had those problems before.  As far as I’m concerned they are far too young to be having that type of problem.  If they don’t start watching out for their spine now, they are probably in for a lifetime of aching backs, kinked necks and shoulders, and migraine headaches.

I had to take younger boy to the chiropractor yesterday.  She gave him a lecture about the posture.  I thought it was amusing that she told him that this was going to be the last day he ever slouched.  If that worked, I think would have to hire her to get him to do other things that teenage boys tend to lack a little effort in doing.

So, how to make some stretching a consistent thing?  That’ll be a problem for me…after all, one of my mottos is “I’m persistent, but inconsistent”.  That’s what’s the motto with me.  Haha. Dork.

Just as a funny side…on the form we had to fill out at the chiropractor’s there was a line to fill in that said “describe symptoms”.  My son was pretty amused that we had to write “pain in the neck”.  Good thing it wasn’t his butt that hurt!

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