Food will be the death of me yet!

There’s more than one way to be killed by food!  I’ll probably be killed by my own insanity over it!  Trying to decide what “expert” is right about whatever food is under scrutiny today, is just one road to insanity.  But I often venture down another road, also.  The one with all the junk-food addicted, picky, ungrateful eaters that I cook for.  “Well, why do you continue to cook for them?” you may ask.  (You probably didn’t ask, but just humor me…I’m working things out here).  Well, didn’t I just say “insanity”?  Besides, I love them dammit!  And I want them to be healthy and feel good so they can live a full life!  Hmm…maybe I’m not so insane, after all!  Good news, all around!!!

I’m sure there will be many, many more rants about food wars…so stay tuned. (I’m sure you are sitting on pins and needles!)

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