Food wars. Just shoot me now and get it over with!

Yesterday I made a breakfast that the boys professed to like.  (Knock me over, will ya?).  So, the war was not waged on that front this time. 

Let me just relate the annoying thought process that went along with this meal.  Many, many years ago I got this recipe from an old Seventh Day Adventist cookbook.  I do not remember the specific ingredients, but I’ll try to give the jist.  You put some vegetable oil in a big fry pan and heat it up.  Throw all these other ingredients in:  about 3 cups oats, 1/2 cup walnuts, a little salt, and some brown sugar.  Toast it till golden brown.  Serve with applesauce on top.

So, through the years, “experts” have given me various reasons to adapt this recipe:

Oats…you’d think “great! whole grain, low cholesterol, low fat, high fiber”.  But noooooooooo!  Apparently, oats are evil.  Something about the estrogen in them.  They’re plant estrogens, though, so shouldn’t that be okay?  I can’t continue that argument…we’d be here allllllllll day.

Vegetable oil…switched it to olive oil because it’s supposed to be a good oil.  But…you can’t heat olive oil to high temps…it gets toxic.  So, I’ve recently been using some coconut oil.  But…of course, coconut oil is claimed to be bad by many “experts” because it’s saturated fat. 

Let’s look at the brown sugar.  Well, I thought I better reduce the amount that was in the recipe.  So, I thought honey might be a good substitute for some of it.  So I replaced 1/2 the brown sugar with honey and decreased the total of both, because, ya know, it’s still sugar. 

Applesauce…well there’s the whole processing of it all.  And you gotta get unsweetened if you want any hope.  (On an interesting side note…did you know that apple seeds have cyanide in them?  Don’t worry…you apparently have to eat a bazillion of them in order to be poisoned.  Maybe THAT’s how food is gonna be the death of me!) 

Walnuts…I haven’t heard anything bad about those…yet.  I’m sure somebody will come up with something.  For now, I’ll put it on my list of foods that apparently WON’T kill you.  (Mental note:  remember to start this list;)  Of course, if you’re allergic to peanuts, you have to be suspicious of all nuts since they generally process them all in the same plant.  I guess we are so very lucky there, since none of my family is allergic to peanuts…we won’t starve to death when the only edible food left (according to “experts”) is walnuts.  Yumm;( 

It all drives ya crazy, crazeeeeeeeeee!  But I feel like I can’t disengage from it, because, I am very worried for my family’s health.  Has anyone else heard recently that the incidence of childhood diabetes has risen to something like 30 percent?!

Oh, yeah…that is a wrinkly napkin in the picture!  You don’t really think I iron, do you?

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2 Responses to Food wars. Just shoot me now and get it over with!

  1. Vicki says:

    So…..what’s the verdict? Is that very healthy looking bowl good or bad????? Oh and btw….you couldn’t have started to blog when I had a boring desk job???

  2. admin says:

    The bowl itself…made of glass of some sort…I’ll have to look into it;) I’m sure eating glass would be preferable for some of these “experts” that have a thing against oats!

    As for the food in the bowl (hardy har, ain’t I funny)…I don’t know…the war ain’t ever over!

    As to why I didn’t blog when you had the time to read it…I don’t have it all worked out in my head yet, but I’m thinking of somehow blaming it on your boring desk job. How does that work for you? It seems like a lot of things could be blamed on that job!

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